Quality Assurance

We base our operations for procurement, receiving, warehouse management, and shipping on the highest standards of Quality Assurance.

Upon delivery, each part is checked for possible shipping damage and all documentation is reviewed for accuracy. If the part meets all quality requirements, it is received into our system and prepared for storage.

Parts received into stock are repacked and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse to prevent damage. Each part is given a unique identification and control number as well as a barcode package label to eliminate part number ambiguity.

Before a part is packaged and released to a shipping agent, the receiving process is reversed and all documentation is once again checked for accuracy against the part itself. We use a modern foam injection packaging system to ensure proper protection while in transit.

Vendor Approval Form

Fill out this form to become a TECI approved Vendor or Sub-Contractor.

Export & FCPA Form

TECI's initial Export Regulations and FCPA Form.

End User Certificate

TECI's end user certificate.

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