📢Attention, everyone! We have 831043-3, SOAP Kits available! Call us today 1.417.781.8324 or shop online.

📢Attention, everyone! We have 831043-3, SOAP Kits available! Call us today 1.417.781.8324 or shop online.

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Excess Inventory Management Program

Turbine Engine Consultants, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our Excess Inventory Management Program (EIM), giving you an easy, reliable and profitable solution for your excess and surplus inventory.

For over 25 years, you have come to trust TECI as a World Class, Worldwide parts supplier providing outstanding Quality, Support, and Value. We achieved this success with TECI-owned inventory in our 75,000 square foot facility, currently in excess of 100,000 line items.

Building on this success, we have designed a consignment program that provides you with cost reductions, scheduling flexibility, cash flow improvement, inventory reduction and investment, along with unlimited growth opportunities and expanded vendor relationships.

Turbine Engine Consultants, Inc. will:

  • House your excess inventory
  • Manage your excess inventory
  • Market your excess inventory
  • Sell your excess inventory

Our Excess Inventory Management Program has been designed to maximize your excess inventory profits while streamlining your workload. We achieve this by integrating the EIM program with our world class Quality System and extensive Sales and Marketing abilities.

Our program allows you to directly target specific Fleets, Operators and Geographic areas. It is customized to fit your current needs and is easily modified as your requirements or markets evolve. In addition to direct marketing on your behalf, TECI lists your material on multiple Web based parts services at no additional cost.

EIM service provides you with monthly or quarterly reports for your inventory activity, and you will have access for audits upon request.