ASA-100 certification

TECI, a leading global parts supplier, announced they received their 7th consecutive ASA-100/FAA AC No 00-56 distributor accreditation. Turbine Engine Consultants has been an accredited parts supplier since May 21, 2000.

ASA is a not-for-profit industry association representing more than 540 members that are helping shape the aviation distribution industry. The ASA-100 Standard emphasizes issues such as impartiality, competence, and reliability - all specific to the needs of the aerospace industry. Strict compliance with ASA-100 requirements allows TECI to meet or exceed industry standards for the handling and transportation of aircraft parts.

Turbine Engine Consultants is a stocking parts supplier for the Honeywell TPE331 series engines, various Corporate and Commercial Auxiliary Power Units and several Regional Aircraft, current inventory in excess of 100K line items. TECI also provides excess inventory management as well as maintenance consulting, and engine management.