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Auxiliary Power Units

Honeywell Auxiliary Power Unit Sales, Rentals, Parts and Accessories
TECI provides component and accessory sales for Honeywell APUs including GTCP36-100, GTCP36-150, RE100, and RE220 units.
In addition to our large inventory of spares, TECI provides complete APUs available for sale or exchange.

APU Maintenance Management

TECI also offers APU  maintenance management which saves our customers considerable amounts of time and money.
Have an APU event coming up or in progress? Contact TECI today!

  • APU Sales, Rentals, Parts, Accessories
  • GTCP36-100, GTCP36-150, RE100, & RE220
  • APU Exchange

APU’s Available For Sale

  • APU Model
  • Part Number
  • S/N
  • Certification
  • GTCP36-6
  • 380514-1-43
  • P-34777
  • OH Condition with Piedmont 8130-3 dated 2/3/2010
  • GTCP36-150AA
  • 3800376-1
  • P-218
  • Zero Time Since HSI with Piedmont Aviation 8130-3 release dated 10/15/2015
  • GTCP36-150F
  • 3800188-1
  • P-187
  • In Work, Please call for lead time.
  • GTCP36-150W
  • 3800304-1
  • P-146
  • SV Condition with CD Aviation 8130-3 dated 1/14/16