Quality - AS9120, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56 Compliant.

Quality - AS9120, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56 Compliant.

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5 Reasons to Sell Your Excess Inventory on Consignment

28/01/2019 | Fallon Anawalt

Managing consignment sales can be a nightmare for businesses that have an excess of inventory. This is why we have created what we call our Excess Inventory Management Program (EIM). It helps you sell your excess inventory and provides several advantages to your business apart from the revenue those sales produce.

How Consignment Works

Consignment refers to an arrangement whereby products are placed in the care of a store (or other business) – in this case, our site – until the item is purchased by a buyer. The owner – that would be your company – retains ownership of the product(s) until we sell it. After that, you receive a portion of the profits as do we per an agreement. In an attempt to take as objective a stance as we can, we have laid down what we believe to be 5 of the other benefits of consignment selling.

 Selling your excess inventory via our site gives you an additional sales channel: Some businesses do not have the financial means or volume of goods to open their own separate store to sell their excess inventory. By relying on consignment, you can put your excess inventory in front of customers without the overhead of creating a separate sales channel i.e., a storefront, salespeople, etc.

Selling your excess parts on consignment clears up room for you to purchase new products: Excess inventory is an inefficient use of space that could be used in more productive ways.

Selling off your excess inventory saves your company money: Commercial space is not inexpensive. Therefore, holding unneeded inventory wastes the money it takes to do inventory control and audits, provide security for these items and it also requires additional manpower to work the warehouse.
Selling your excess inventory via consignment helps free up capital: Excess inventory costs you storage and insurance. If your company is working on small margins this can put an extra burden on your budget.

·Selling by consignment helps with restocking orders: You are able to restock your business with new items as we sell your product. This helps you better meet the needs of your business and your own customers.
In addition to the consignment selling off your excess inventory, we also have APU parts for sale and airframe parts for sale on our site. Moreover, we have TPE331 engine parts for sale as well