Embraer EMB 120 brasilia Airframe Parts

TECI offers complete support for most EMB 120 rotables/spares. We have dismantled several aircraft and purchased numerous inventories. From that inventory we have developed an extensive exchange pool ready for your urgent requirements. Most items have Dual Release 8130-3/EASA, and 121 trace, all material is Non-Incident related. All items are available via our 24/7/365 AOG service, just call our main number, a TECI Program Manager is always on call after hours to assist you.

Small sample of stocked items

  • EMB 120 Landing Gear Overhaul Exchanges, Nose (NLG), and Main (MLG)
  • EMB 120 Spares, EMB 120 Rotables, EMB 120 Radius Rods, Uplocks, Downlocks, Steering Selectors, Emergency Selectors, Flap Jacks, and other APPH items.
  • EMB 120 Airframe parts support, including Control Surfaces, ie Elevators, Ailerons, Flaps, Rudders, etc. Also stocking Doors, Access Panels, Radomes, Windows, Actuators, Relays, Switches, Instruments, Avionics, Interior Panels, Seats, and much more.

TECI offers nearly every item for the EMB 120 aircraft with same day shipping.